The Blueshift ONE Solution

The Blueshift ONE solution incorporates best-in-class TPM, TPO, demand planning, business intelligence, customer planning and budgeting solutions. A company that operates with a true Integrated Business Plan will have a single consensus forecast across all functions - allowing ongoing strategic decision making. The ONE solution enables senior management to make informed decisions tactically and operationally, ultimately driving profitability and improving customer relationships.

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Our team has implemented many successful IBP solutions for FMCG companies around the world. These are just a few of the testimonials we’ve received from happy customers.


The Blueshift solution is a companywide plan, with benefits for every business function. An Integrated Business Plans is a must have for any forward thinking organisation.

Account Executives and Managers

Blueshift’s ONE Solution makes it incredibly easy to build and manage promotional programs. Our software will help you model scenarios that meet the sales and profitability targets of the business.

Demand Planners and Managers

Reduce bias and improve accuracy using a true baseline and incremental forecast. With the ONE solution it’s easy to make changes at any level in the hierarchies, allowing you to manage exceptions.

Financial Controllers and CFO’s

Easily set up spend limits for the account team, which can be managed by authorisation or exception. Our software enables you to reduce audit hassles, with accurate promotion level accruals.

Sales Directors

Quickly report on sales and gross margin by customer and product - ensuring you know where the gaps are when budgeting for the year. Blueshift gives Sales Directors tighter control over their teams.

Category and Commercial Analysts

Slice and dice actual, forecast, and budget metrics by all dimensions - giving you real time business intelligence. With the ONE solution it’s easy to overlay ex-factory, secondary and scan sales.

AP and AR Clerks

Maintain a rigorous process for claim matching and authorisation - our software allows you to quickly process hundreds of claims. It’s also easy to route over-spend for approval electronically.

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Blueshift is used predominantly in the FMCG industry, but our solution was built with all categories in mind.

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Specific R&D has gone into making our solution an accurate, user friendly baseline and incremental IBP tool.  Our team has helped many consumer goods companies around the world implement the Blueshift ONE Solution.

Understand the technology behind Blueshift’s ONE Solution.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution is built on the Microsoft stack, using best practice tools and techniques including SQL Server, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, IIS and WPF. We are always evolving and are now leveraging a micros services
architecture using Docker, CQRS/ES, Kafka and utilising MemSQL for Big Data. End users are naturally familiar with the user experience which aligns closely to Office applications such as Excel.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution has been interfaced with SAP, JDE, Pronto, Movex, MFG Pro, Sage, COGNOS, Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV – as well as Scan providers Aztec, IRI and AC Nielsen.  The system is very flexible in its interface capabilities – web APIs, text files, direct database connections, and other methods are all compatible.

Given the system is ordinarily hosted on internal infrastructure, remote access is made possible using the corporate VPN, Citrix, VDI, or other mechanism.  Given the end to end nature of the solution and the complexity and volume of data, entirely offline access is not supported.

Blueshift’s ONE System is on a per-feature release cycle. Blueshift heavily invest in ongoing development and all new features (and fixes) are available to all customers once developed and tested; with most customers installing a new release three times per year.


This is the process we follow to ensure our customers have a smooth IBP implementation.

Prelim Business Case

Blueshift engage to understand your business at a high level and establish a simple estimated ROI.

Due Diligence

System and process demonstration and detailed metric analysis to prove ROI.


Blueprinting, prototyping, system integration, data validation, SIT/UAT, training and Go-Live Hypercare Support.


ELS and pro-active support including Blueshift’s ongoing IBP Excellence Program.