Blueshift Support

Blueshift Offers Platinum Support To Customers

The Blueshift team offers platinum levels of support for clients planning, implementing or executing an IBP strategy. Our team works hand in hand with customers on blueprinting, prototyping, interface development, data validation, UAT, training and Go-live. Blueshift have partners, not just customers.

Break-fix Support

All packages include Blueshift’s platinum response times. Blueshift support is conducted by the Customer Experience Team including IBP consultants; support covers the IBP process as well as breaks in the technical system.

New Release Installation

Blueshift provides availability of a new release every two weeks and all support packages include Blueshift driven installation. The silver and gold package include personal webinar training for each release.

Ongoing Training

Blueshift conduct periodic group based training sessions (classroom and webinars). All support packages include access to this training and our regular User Groups in Australia and New Zealand.

System Health Monitoring

For the silver and gold packages, Blueshift offer proactive interface and system health monitoring. Blueshift will automatically log support tickets for interface failures and respond without the need for a client initiated call.

IBP Consulting

The gold package includes consulting, which can be used for training, IBP consulting, or even acting in an IBP role such as a Demand Planner. This is particularly useful for companies wishing to outsource the role of demand planning to industry experts.

Support Reporting

All support packages include ticket reporting, giving clients visibility of what is driving support. Blueshift will also recommend additional training and/or configuration changes from time to time in order to drive continuous improvement.

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